About Chris Matthews

WELCOME to I AM a Wealthy Affiliate Website!

This website has information that will assist you to reach any level
of success you desire as an affiliate marketer.

My Story …

I grew up in a church environment, and always wanted to know more
about God. I really did not know why – I just did. In my journey
to know more about God – I discovered that the Bible was full of
wealth principles.

Although the Bible was a book about wealth and success, I also
discovered that most people were not experiencing that on a
practical level.

It became a passion of mine to share wealth principles. It is my
life calling, life assignment, so to speak. I was naturally inclined
to share wealth principles with anyone that was willing to listen.
I am fulfilled in many ways when I do so.

It’s always exciting when others tell me that a particular wealth
principle worked. I have seen people experience financial miracles
from these wealth principles.

The Purpose of This Website

The purpose of this website is to share:

1. Spiritual Wealth Principles

2. Mental Wealth Principles

3. Practical Wealth Principles

The spiritual, the mental, and the practical should to be harmonized
to experience optimum wealth.

I AM a Wealthy Affiliate,

Chris Matthews


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