My Online Business – 7 Reasons Why

This article is for those that are serious about making money

online; and are OPEN to the right online business.


The order of the reasons are not the value I put on them. All the

reasons are IMPORTANT to me.

Reason #1 – Global Business

We are a GLOBAL business; therefore you have global

income potential. Don’t limit yourself financially

to a few countries.


We have customers from the United States,

Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Australia,

Puerto Rico, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand,

Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, China,

Germany, Austria, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Reason #2 – Manufacturer and Retailer

We are BOTH the manufacturer and the retailer.

There is no middleman to pay – greater savings

for customers and more profit for marketers.

Reason #3 – Paid out Billions

The company has paid out BILLIONS of dollars

to those that share the products with others.

THOUSANDS of marketers have reaped the financial

benefits and thousands more will do so in the future.


There are hundreds of companies that have not

paid that amount of money to the marketers.

Reason #4 – Hundreds of Products

We just don’t have a few products we have

HUNDREDS of products.


If you only have a few products, your customers can

only by a few products. By having hundreds of products,

your customers can shop more. The more your

customers shop, the more you will make.


This reason alone could take your income to

unprecedented heights.


I hope that you are receiving what I am saying.


I am doing my best to articulate to you the unlimited

financial potential that is available to you.

Reason #5 – Superior Products

Our products are superior to most of the products that

are in the store. That is why we have such a large

customer base of repeat customers.

Reason #6 – No Risk

There is absolutely no risk in this business. Everyone

in the business is their own customer and buy direct.

You are just switching stores.


If one of our customers are not completely satisfied,

for any reason, we offer a 90-day money back GUARANTEE.

Reason #7 – Affordable

It is affordable for anyone to get started immediately.

I’m sure you may have a lot of
questions. To have your questions answered
CLICK HERE for Video Overview!

If you are like most people, after they listen to presentation,
they pick up the phone and call me directly to set up
their Consumer Direct Business account to change their
life for the better!


I Care About Your Success,

Chris Matthews
Consumer Direct Business


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