Power to Get Wealth in the Plans

You have the power to get wealth in the plans.

Are you ready to get wealth from the power

and the plans God has given you?

If so, this lesson will assist you!

Point #1: You Have the Power to Get Wealth!

Deuteronomy 8:18 (NKJV) – Scripture Personalized

“And [I] shall remember

the Lord [my] God,

for it is He who gives [me] power

to get wealth,

that He may establish His covenant

which He swore to [my] fathers,

as it is this day.

The power to get wealth in the power.

Think about that statement a minute.

Which comes first the wealth or the power?


The Power,

the power gives birth to the wealth.

Point #2: You Have Unlimted Power to get Wealth!

The power is unlimited therefore wealth is unlimited.

The power is not prejudice.

The power is available to every person on planet earth.

The power does not take a day off.

The power is God.

Although the power is unlimited, you must cooperate

with the power to have maximum benefit from the power.

One way to agree with the power would be to

constantly think wealth thoughts.

AN EXAMPLE of a wealth thought would be:

I have wealth power to get wealth.

The more you think in alignment with the power,

the more the wealth in the power will gravitate

towards you.

Point #3: The Power to get Wealth in the Plans!

God not only gave you the power to get wealth,

He also gave you plans to get wealth.

The power to get wealth in the plans.

Think about that statement a minute.

Without the plans to get wealth you will note

benefit from the power to get wealth.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – Scripture Personalized

For I know the plans

I have for [Your Name],

declares the Lord,

plans to prosper [him/her]

and not to harm [him/her],

plans to give [him/her] hope

and a future.

God does not give you wealth directly; He gives

you wealth indirectly. God gives you the

power and the plans. The wealth is a result

of the power and the plans.

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