Wealthy Affiliate Review – 10 Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

WELCOME to I AM a Wealthy Affiliate.


My objective is to give a detailed review,

of why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the

ideal platform to help affiliate marketers

of all LEVELS build a successful business online.

Benefit #1: The Perfect Platform for Affiliate Marketers.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Can Help 3 Types of Marketers:

1. Marketers Without a Product to Market

They can market Wealthy Affiliate and

be rewarded very well.

2. Marketers With a Product – But Minimal Success

They can learn how to market through

Wealthy Affiliate and have success.

3. Marketers Already Having Success.

Wealthy Affiliate can help them have

greater success.

Benefit #2: Proven Process to Build a Business Online.

Here is a diagram that depicts a proven 4 step process

for building business. This 4 step process is

taught in detail in Wealthy Affiliate.


Step 1: Choose Your Area of Interest.

The first thing is to decide is area of interest in business.

Another term for that is niche. Your niche could be

health, sports, beauty, online marketing, personal development,

hearing God’s voice, etc. You can build a niche in multiple

businesses. There are millions of niches to choose from.

**Wealthy Affiliate has detailed training on how to do this.

Step 2: Build Website in Area of Interest.

The purpose of your website will be to help people by providing

information so they can make an educated decision. When they choose

to buy various products and services your receive compensation.

** Wealthy Affiliate Starter members have 2 FREE websites.

Premium members have 50 websites.

Step 3: Attract People to Your Website

To build any business online your must have people

visit your website. Google and other search engine is the

gateway to getting people to your website.

**Wealthy Affiliate teaches your how to get lots of people

to come to your website.

There is training galore inside Wealthy Affiliate on how

to attract people to your website.

Step 4: Earn Money From Your Website

You make money when someone comes to your website and buy


You have access to MILLION of products your can promote

as an affiliate marketer. You are not required to carry any

inventory and you can make from 1% to 75% on every sale.

Amazon has millions of products that your can promote related to

drones. You earn a 6% commissions when your refer people to these


This is one example of how your can make money from your website.

**Wealthy Affiliate is a lucrative affiliate program that your

can market exclusively. There is advanced training on how to do this.

Benefit #3: Unlimited Support – 365 Days a Year.

Wealthy Affiliate technical support department is able

to assist your 365 days a year about any hosting and

website issues.

Wealthy Affiliate is a vibrant community of over one million members.

There is always someone ready to assist your with their expertise.

The training is very organized and revised as needed.

Benefit #4: Access to Founders.

You have direct access to the founders Kyle & Carson. That is

rare in today’s business world. They are real people and have

heart to help each member reach their full potential.

Kyle or Carson regularly interacts with members inside the

platform concerning their business.

Benefit #5: Written and Video Training.

There is a library of training inside Wealthy Affiliate

that allows members to proceed at their pace.

The training is very organized and revised as needed.

Benefit #6: Reliable Website Hosting.

Reliable website hosting is a prerequisite for a successful

online business. With a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership

your can run multiple million dollar businesses.

Take a look at the chart below of the hosting of WA, and

other WordPress Managed hosting companies.

When your have reliable hosting your can focus on the things

needed to build your business. With WA hosting your have

security, quality, and speed.

Benefit 7: Everything You Need in One Place.

With most platforms your need additional training,

tools, and services to successfully run your businesses.

With Wealthy Affiliate that is not the case. You have

all the training, all the tools, all the services, and

all the support in ONE PLACE.

Benefit 8: Live Training Every Friday.

To be an elite athlete regular training is required.

To be an elite affiliate marketer regular training is


Wealthy Affiliate provides live interactive training

weekly by experts within WA. Training is normally about

an hour, and replays will be available next day. There

are 100’s of hours of past classes.

Benefit 9: Success is Happening Everyday.


Social proof is happening

every day for Wealthy Affiliate


Members are having their first

$300 month. Their first $1,000 month.

Their first $3000 month. Members are

talking about doing this full time.


The WA platform will help your have success

in your business. It does require some work.

It does not happen overnight but it will

happen over time.

Benefit 10: 2 Membership Choices.

The Starter membership is FREE and it lets your

get started without any risk.

The Premium membership is $49 a month or $359 a year.

Everything in one place to build a thriving business.

Take a look at comparison chart of memberships.


Hopefully this Wealthy Affiliate Review has been informative.

Try It At $0 COST


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